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Improve your knowledge of the prevention and detection of oral cancer, including what to look out for and when and how to respond. This toolkit covers oral and oropharyngeal cancers including lip cancer.

Referral decision guide

This practical tool illustrates the red flags which should prompt referral to secondary care via a suspected cancer pathway.

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Cancer Research UK would like to acknowledge the following clinicians for their invaluable input into the development of the Oral Cancer Recognition Toolkit:
Professor Richard Shaw, Professor Peter Brennan, Professor Saman Warnakulasuriya, Dr Afsana Safa, Mr Craig Wales, Professor Mark McGurk, Professor Crispian Scully, Dr Nigel Carter and Dr Bijay Rajlawat.

Medical knowledge and the legislative framework are constantly changing. As new information becomes available changes in treatment, procedures, equipment and the use of drugs is necessary. The authors and editors have, as far as it is possible, taken care to ensure that the information given in this module is accurate and up to date at the time it was created. However, users are strongly advised to confirm that the information complies with current legislation and standards of practice.

Oral cancer risk factors

Some of the risk factors associated with oral cancer include:

  • age
  • tobacco use (smoking and chewing)
  • betel quid (areca nut) use
  • alcohol consumption
  • human papillomavirus infection
  • low fruit and vegetable consumption

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